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A Golden Season...

...That's Autumn here at The Rondo, as we bring you a truly wonderful mixture of theatre, comedy, film & music. As the nights grow darker, the stage glows brighter and our cosy bar fills with laughter and conversation. Welcome to a truly fabulous season.

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On This Week...

What The Dickens?: Production Image What The Dickens?
Pegasus presents Gonzo Moose in

Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd October – Special Preview Performances – Tickets £10/£8
Young Charles Dickens is a rookie reporter on The Morning Chronicle. Whilst investigating the foggy slums of Ye Olde London Towne, he accidently stumbles on a story that could make his reputation. Follow our hero on the adventure of a lifetime!
This inventive and gripping comedy features just three actors playing over 20 roles in 80 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action. Brimming with unfeasibly quick costume changes, stupidly surreal characters and wonderfully daft jokes, What The Dickens? is the most absurd contribution to the Dickens legend you could hope to see.
Having delighted audiences over the past few years with their hit shows, Is That A Bolt In Your Neck?, Grimm And Grimmer and I’m An Aristocrat, Get Me Out Of Here!, Gonzo Moose are back with something to entertain the whole family.
“A riot from start to finish” ***** Venue Magazine
“Outstanding” **** Chortle
“Anarchic comedy theatre at its best” **** Fringe review
“Madcap farce” **** Fest magazine
“An exuberant mash-up of improvisation, physical theatre, slapstick and satire” The Stage
“Wild, crazy, inspired and devilishly funny” Oxford Times

On Next Week...

The Memory of Water: Production Image The Memory of Water
Bath Drama

After spending their lives avoiding each other, three sisters are forced to meet up in the family home on the eve of their mother's funeral.
Combining a dangerous cocktail of whisky, weed and various health supplements, the memories of the past distort, and the three begin to realise that rather than throwing off their mother's influence, they may be, in fact, diluted versions of the very woman they thought they'd escaped.
Shelagh Stephenson's play is an extremely funny and poignant rollercoaster ride through that strange world we know as family.

Robin Ince is (In and) Out of his Mind: Production Image Robin Ince is (In and) Out of his Mind
Lakin McCarthy Entertainment Presents

Robin Ince - Sony Gold Award winning comedian and science enthusiast (Infinite Monkey Cage with Prof Brian Cox ,Radio 4) - presents another in his line of unhinged stand up comic lectures.
After dabbling in Darwin and Feynman, and cleaning out Schrodinger's Cat, Robin now delves into his mind and possibly your mind too.
From Freud and Jung to Laing and Milgram, from rats after rewards to insanity cured by ink spots, Robin looks at the last 100 years of psychiatry, psychology and skewiff brain dabblings. Just how hard is it being a self-conscious being on planet earth.
Come along, he may cure you.
“When someone writes a history of modern comedy, they should make room for Robin Ince” The Guardian
“thoughtful, provocative and very funny” The Times

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