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…and The Rondo has the hottest shows around. This season really sizzles, with fabulous theatre, delightful music, fabulous community theatre and brilliant comedy: all in all, the recipe for the perfect summer. You can view our lovely Summer 15 brochure here.

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On This Week...

The Songs of Nick Drake: Production Image The Songs of Nick Drake
Keith James

Nick Drake is the most revered and truly loved of all of this Country’s singer/songwriters. He recorded three cherished Albums between 1969 and 1972 but was almost entirely unknown in his day. After his tragic death in 1974 aged only 26 his music almost disappeared into obscurity. Now, thanks to a massive resurgence of interest on a worldwide scale, re-evaluating his Life and his genius, Nick Drake has become a National treasure. 

An important book, Remembered for a While, has just been released, written by his elder Sister, Gabrielle Drake. This expansive volume throws light on many shadowy corners of mystery and supposition.
A number of years have now passed since Singer/Guitarist Keith James paralysed the whole Country with The Songs of Nick Drake. This new concert will have, as far as can be possible, a fresh and rewarding setlist.
Some of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear  The Independent
a sensitive and pleasingly understated delivery, all the better that the songs might speak for themselves Acoustic Magazine absolute must Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio

On Next Week...

Unearthed: Production Image Unearthed
Folio Theatre

“This is slightly irregular, isn't it? Some of these tasks seem really weird. Number 7 looks like it’s written in code and I’m pretty sure number 5 is illegal...”

Folio Theatre Company, in association with The Brewhouse Theatre presents Unearthed - a touching comedy drama by Royal Court young writer Alys Metcalf.

On their 18th birthday, twins Ben and Eliza bury a time capsule in the Somerset countryside to mark the occasion and cement their bond, but the day goes horribly wrong. Some years later, the two siblings, now estranged and living far apart, are forced back together on a quest to honour the unusual wishes in their late father's will. They find themselves thrown into absurd and ludicrous situations and forced to confront a few home truths, on an enlightening mission that will reignite past memories and dig up some well-buried secrets...

Rob Newman's Entirely Accurate A-Z of Philosophy: Production Image Rob Newman's Entirely Accurate A-Z of Philosophy
Phil McIntyre Entertainment

Join stand-up superstar and Rondo fan Rob Newman, as he tries out material in advance of a major new UK tour. Watch it evolve in front of your very eyes!

I am completely in awe of Robert Newman. Of his talent, his passion, his intelligence, and the way he turns them to comedy with real firepower. If this world could be saved by a Superhero whose Superpower was Comedy, that hero would be Robert Newman. - Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

April in Paris: Production Image April in Paris

Al and Bet’s relationship is on the rocks. He has recently lost his job, she works in a shoe shop and can only dream of a better life. But things are about to change…

When Bet wins a romantic night in the city of love, Al wonders who she’ll take along. Resigned to taking her husband, before long they are both up to their necks in culture, croissants and champagne. The bright lights of Paris rekindle their relationship, but the reality of returning home always looms large.

Join Al and Bet in this hilarious romantic adventure which was Olivier – nominated for Comedy of the Year when it premiered, and features John Godber’s unique brand of observational comedy at its best. 

The Barded Ladies Present: An Evening Of Shakespeare! : Production Image The Barded Ladies Present: An Evening Of Shakespeare!
Bath Spa MA Performing Shakespeare

Come and join this fabulous troupe of actors from Bath Spa's MA Performing Shakespeare program for a night of reinvention!

This selection of scenes have been reworked by the cast to showcase both their directing and performing talents as they bring Shakespeare into the 21st century.

slut (r)evolution [subtitle: no one gets there overnight]: Production Image slut (r)evolution [subtitle: no one gets there overnight]
Cameryn Moore/Little Black Book Productions

Award-winning performer/playwright Cameryn Moore (Phone Whore) returns to answer the important questions: How did it feel? What the hell was she thinking? And how will it affect tonight’s hook-up?

Memoir and manifesto come together in this incendiary exploration of sex, relationships, and salad crispers.

Best of Fest, Winnipeg Fringe (2011). Best One (Wo)man Show, Houston Fringe (2014).

 A study in vulnerability that manages to achieve catharsis and healing through a talented performance

Ms Moore is captivating to watch and has as much energy as a spring tornado. Spectator

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