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Spring Season: January 2012

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Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk: Production Image
Damian Trasler, David Lovesy and Steve Clark
Wed 11th January to Sat 14th January at 7:30pm
Sat 14th January to Sun 15th January at 2:30pm

The kingdom is in trouble! Giant Blunderbore and his partner in crime, the evil witch Poison Ivy are blackmailing the royal family, forcing them to pay protection money or else the Giant will gobble them up! All that stands between the Royals and the Giant's dinner plate is a collection of unreliable misfits!

A tale of love, adventure and some beans, plus a gruesome Giant, a wicked Witch, a fabulous Fairy, a brave Hero, the obligatory village Idiot, a daft Dame and, of course, a cute and cuddly Cow! Can this motley gang save the kingdom from destruction and beat the beastly Giant and the wicked Witch? Oh yes they can!

Tickets: £9.00, Concessions £7.00 Community
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The Blue Room
The Blue Room: Production Image Carolyn Csonka and Charlie Thompson
Wed 18th January to Thu 19th January at 8:00pm

France, 1948. Young lovers, Leo and Sophie, just want to spend the night together. Alone. Sophie’s outwitted her parents. Leo’s lied to his boss. So far so good. Now here they are at the train station. In disguise. What could go wrong? Everything it seems, as they face one frustrating obstacle after another. Then, when it can’t get any worse, they meet their biggest obstacle of all – murder. The guillotine looms.

The story hurtles along, combining physical comedy, absurd jokes, noirish elements of the thriller genre, and French music from the period.
The Blue Room is loosely based on a short story by Prosper Merimee.
Tickets: £9.00, Concessions £7.00 Community
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Brett Goldstein Grew Up In A Strip Club
Brett Goldstein Grew Up In A Strip Club: Production Image
Fri 20th January at 8:00pm

In 2001, Brett’s father had a spectacular mid-life crisis and instead of buying a sports car he bought a Strip Club. In Marbella!  What followed was surprising, frightening and oddly emotional and Brett was on the front line for the whole thing.

He has waited 10 years to tell this story, mainly because it has taken this long to process it all and for the laws to change enough so that he could tell it.  LAUGH at the antics of the mafia! CRY at the loss of a young man’s innocence! MARVEL at the strippers and their magic ways! GASP at the backstage secrets. And CLAP POLITELY at the end when you realise you have just sat through someone else’s therapy.
'Sharply written, impeccably delivered, always charming... warm, wise stuff, the show superficially small but the themes and laughs big'  **** Daily Telegraph
Tickets: £12.00, Concessions £10.00 Comedy
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Mrs. Gerrish's Rear Window
Mrs. Gerrish's Rear Window: Production Image Sat 21st January at 8:00pm

The indomitable and waspish Mrs. Gerrish (Kate McNab) may have met her match in the guise of the creepy Dr. Winkle. Or perhaps her best friend Muriel will help her? Possibly PC Dixon might save her? (All played by Ross Harvey.) Expect a mixture of British Film Noire and Carry On! All mixed with ingenious theatricality and marvellous songs of the era. Where else would you see an artist’s impression of Mrs. G. in the style of Picasso and a striptease in reverse whilst listening to a magnificent rendition of “Black Coffee”?

Tickets: £12.00, Concessions £10.00 Professional
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Simon Munnery: Hats Off To The 101ers, And Other Material
Simon Munnery: Hats Off To The 101ers, And Other Material: Production Image
Wed 25th January at 8:00pm

Simon Munnery presents a brand new show. Its an extravagant mess of foaming bubble hats, superlative jokes, bad guitar riffs, delightful monologues, hand-made engineering feats and an overly ambitious one-man punk musical about the R101 airship of the 1930s. All performed with a plum. Or some other fruit.

Star of BBC2's Attention Scum and Radio 4's Where Did It All Go Wrong? As onBBC2’s Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. British Comedy Award Nominee and Sony Radio Award Winner.
“There are more brilliant ideas in one of Simon Munnery’s shows than most comics will manage in a lifetime” - The Times
“Simon Munnery is nothing less than a genius” - The Guardian

“The Peter Cook of his generation” Stewart Lee

Tickets: £13.00, Concessions £11.00 Comedy
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Dancer & the Devil
Dancer & the Devil: Production Image Rogue and Anna Maria Murphy
Thu 26th January to Sat 28th January at 8:00pm

Set in a secret bar, a nightclub hidden in the forest, The Dancer and The Devil presents the story of those displaced, those who have had to hide, to run away from their past lives scarred by war time secrets. Bright sparkling and full of comic mischief The Dancer and The Devil invites you to lose yourself in a world of entertainment, the smell of wood smoke and perfume, the taste of danger and the wild thrill of the forest. 

Originally developed at BAC, Prema, The Lowry and in the woods, The Dancer and The Devil is a theatre show, a blend of showmanship and poetry mixing spectacle, narrative and dance with enthralling live music and a wild spirit.

Tickets: £12.00, Concessions £10.00 Professional

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